Press Release - 03/SEP/2021

Updates from the Department of Justice
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Press Release - 03/SEP/2021

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      Department of Justice
      Press Release

        Court Sytem

        The Department of Justice has been working on the court system for a long time now, it has been one of our biggest projects. Under the court system we will have separate prosecution and defense attorneys rather than just having one attorney act as both. If needed the judge will be overlooking the prosecution and defense attorneys on a case.
        There will be two courts:
        1. Criminal Court
        2. Civil Court

        Now that we have a court system the citizens will have an option to sue people or even government agencies for that matter.

        Find out more: Criminal Court, Civil Court, Submit a Lawsuit.
        Penal Code

        The Penal Code has been updated after a long time now. One of the major changes is that we have added federal charges now which will only be adjudicated by a federal judge or higher. Other changes include the time and fines for some specific charges and a few more charges like Slander, etc. For more information you can check out the new penal code here.

        New Penal Code.

        Your faithful servants at the Department of Justice.